Overlayments - troweled, stenciled or stamped are becoming the number one choice for concrete rejuvenation. Overlayments can be integrally colored stained or dyed – installed over wood sub floors (kitchens, baths and showers) and numerous vertical applications including drywall, tilt up form construction and cinder block walls.

Do you have a dated pool deck or maybe a pitted or cracked driveway? Firecrete can make them look new with a concrete overlay that will transform your rough looking surface to the smooth texture of fresh concrete or to the look of stone, slate or even cobblestone.

We are able to apply a 1/4" to 3/8" layer of polymer cement over an existing concrete surface (new pour or old deteriorated slab) then stamping the thin layered polymer cement material to give the permanent and realistic look of stone, slate and tile  just like conventional stamped concrete. The actual polymer concrete will outlast the concrete underneath if properly maintained.

Overlay pricing starts at $2.50 a sq. ft. (Basic resurfacing job)
Troweled and spray down textures start at $4.50 a sq. ft.
Thin Stamped overlays start at $7.00 a sq. ft.
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